about "Snow Lined"
I saw Nicky's work in a coffee shop and loved it. There was one piece in particular that I wanted for my living room, but I needed a different size. Nicky came out to my house and looked at the colors and lighting, then created a version of the painting to fit my space. She sent sketches first for my approval. The whole process went smoothly, was faster than I expected, and was reasonably priced.
Nicky has a wonderful style, and is a nice person, too! I would definitely recommend her.
-Ann A.

about "Songs for a New Day" which is a commissioned piece awarded to U of MN Research Professor
“Just wanted you both to see how beautiful the painting I received looks in its Italian-made gold frame.  I love it so much, and so does everyone else who has had an opportunity to see it.  The painting is now hanging in our vacation home in the mountains of Park City, Utah, and reflects all the high-desert colors and nature that we enjoy.
Thanks again for all of your efforts and for making my award so extra special!
-Karen  M.

“I first saw your work at the Home Expo last year. It was so vibrant, unique and eye catching. Your work stood head and shoulders above the other art at the show. I always find a place between dream, memory and the now when I view your work.”
-Jason E. about Slowly Sloping VII

“I'm the lucky owner of this painting - I made my mailman stand at the front door today while I opened the package so we could both ooh and aahh over it And then I immediately hung it in the front hall by the window - it makes me smile every time I walk by. Thank you Nicky!”
-Melissa P.D.

about "Parting"
“I love this painting! The colors and soft textures of Parting fall right into place with the atmosphere of my home. The beautiful laid-back fish are a relaxing welcome after a hectic day at the office.”
-Jon J.

about "December"also known as "Birds of a Feather"
“Nicky, I have my new lovely art work from you and it is right at home in the living room now. It looks like it was custom made for my interests. Love all the subtle swirls of color and the birds have lots of personalty. Thank you so much... a pleasure doing business with you!”
-Claudia L.

about "A Dog’s Snowball"
“Thank you Nicky, I received the painting today! Super fast shipping! I absolutely love it! It is beautiful and charming. I can't wait to give it to my sister as a thank you for her help with animal rescue! She'll love it!”
-Carol B.

about "Purple Clouds"
“The painting arrived quickly and in very fine condition and all the communications were superb! And it is such a sweet landscape. I very much appreciate the "extras"...hook and tabs on reverse for easy hanging!”
-Laura R.

about "Orange Flare"
“...it is vibrant, uplifting and colorful - the perfect accent for my home.”
-Rene K.

about "Autumn’s Fall"
“Like all of your work, this painting has a real depth in the lines and shading--and a conceptual depth in the blending of realistic and fantastical elements--that makes it a pleasure to re-examine every day. It all adds up to an image that is intriguing yet meditative at the same time, a special quality.”
-Brian  H. & Kate S.

about "Morning"
“Two people stopped me on the way back to my office to ask about it - I'm sending your website(s) to them :).
I really really really do love it. I put it up against a wall in my office so I can look at it all day, it just keeps bringing smiles to my face.
Can't wait to get it home and on a wall! I'll take a picture once I do and send it to you.”
-Deborah T.

about "Blue Dawn"
“I liked Blue Dawn the moment I saw it, and even more after talking about it with Nicky. The juxtaposition between the birds and their environment made me want to own this painting. Nicky has a unique approach to creating depth and landscape on a 2D ground. She is an artist to watch!”
-Collen B.

About "In Memory"
“Ms. Torkzadeh’s painting “In Memory” casts a playful beauty and a touch of welcome melancholy. The deep colors, casual strokes, and bubbly motif are like a visit back into childhood for me.”
-- David T.

About "Seh Mahi"
"Beautiful and pretty, outstanding color and composition.  Makes me happy."
- Ying Chen A.

About "Towards"
"...a really beautiful composition - a pleasing blend of colors with a strong illuminating sun image contrasting with the darker regions. While there may be no intended meaning, it seems to invite the viewer to explore possible meanings."
Eric E.

About "Shore" and "Plenty"
“They are happily up in Tricia's office. I like to pop in and enjoy how I painted the walls and trim, and also your beautiful paintings :) I'll have to send you pictures of their new home.”
Colin B.

about "Storm"
“I am the biggest fan of your Art and Design.”
Yen S.

About "A Diversion"
“I wanted you to know how much this painting means to us. We have a fish that I bought two years ago for Nou Rooz. After a few days the fish started acting up and not eating. Then it sat at the bottom of the dish and didn't move and gradually turned black. I was sure it only had a few days to live. My daughter decided to keep her alive and starting checking online for suggestions. She took care of the fish until it turned red again and now has a big tank and four times bigger than its original size.
The painting is very much like her and everyone in the family loves it. That's why I sent you a picture of the fish from my iphone.
Thanks again for this beautiful gift.”
- Simin H.


“Great meeting you and seeing your beautiful work at the YWCA women's art show. My husband loved the small board painting of the snowy landscape. We wish you all the best. Thank you.” -M.

“Lovely! Wonderful explorations of the 2D space and division of space.”
J. C.

“Lovely and Whimsical studies in color, line and forms.”
-T. D.

“Love the colors and all the details.”
P. H.

“ Love the birds!. Love the delicate lines; pops of color- great contrast : ) Very happy art!” - Lorilee P.

“I enjoyed discovering your work tonight at the St. Paul Art Crawl. Thank you for sharing!”
-L. D.

“Nicky, These are wonderful! You are so talented. As a pisces I especially like your subject.”
E. T.

“Nicky, I had no idea that you were so creative :) Those are beautiful pieces of Art and I like a lot of the colors and the fish look like they are in motion. Your muse is a good study ;)”
V. F.

“I love your style! The colors and fish are fun, very inspiring :)”

“... your art waooo.. I love it. I love the colors...’
- G. M.

“That is really terrific Art Work and I love the fish swimming in painted ecstasy.”
- P. G.

“I’m loving these smaller pieces that come together to make a larger picture and I like the colors here too... i look forward to seeing what you more you do with it/them :)”
D. T.

“I really like the new works, they are quite rich and sophisticated. I must try and catch a show.”
-S. C.