I first began to paint in college. After finishing my graduate program in architecture, I worked for several years as a graphic designer at the University of Minnesota. I left that job to raise my children, but when they grew older I took up painting again. After encountering an encouraging amount of success with my art, I opened up a studio in the NE Minneapolis Arts District.

Artist Statement:
My works are portals to a magical realism rendered in vibrant colors on canvas and wood. They often focus on familiar sights, including fauna and flora set in semi-abstract, or even entirely abstract backgrounds. I frequently use the juxtaposition of elements that seemingly would not belong together to create a higher sense of beauty and playfulness. For example, I paint objects such as flowers, umbrellas, and paper boats alongside whales and manatees. These seemingly out-of-place objects bring personality and drama to my subjects that I hope will inspire a desire for stewardship of nature in the viewer. Despite my use of vivacious and bold colors, my paintings have a soothing quality to them, thanks in part to cool or comforting hues that predominate the pictures.

I draw inspiration from the tribal art of my native Iran, particularly the abstract animal images depicted in the the kilim and gabbeh rugs of that culture. I am also taken with the sweeping wonder of Marc Chagall’s works, the striking contrasts of Northwest Native American art, and the lyrical patterns visible in Japanese art. Having said this, I usually don’t pick and choose my inspirations, but realize these traces have been parts of my psyche that emerge intuitively as I paint.